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The Pollarini Group

We have been active in this market since 1959 and we have made a major contribution to the history of Italian poultry farming. We have an indepth knowledge of this market and we have always sought to interpret its evolution in such a way as to forge ahead in a climate that is ever more competitive and therefore highly selective. Our longevity, spanning nearly sixty years, and our the entrepreneurial skills have created a reputation for Pollarini Group as one of today’s leading players in the poultry farming sector.

The Pollarini Group specialises in poultry breeding, hatching and selection,  working in various market segments.

  • AVIZOO directly manages half a million breeders and, at the Longiano hatchery, hatches some 1,300,000 eggs every week for white and coloured broilers.
  • KABIR superior quality chicks for the free-range and rural market, selected and distributed as sole agents in Italy and overseas.



(Italiano) La qualità dell’acqua per abbeverare gli animali.

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